Ginette Melanson

My work is created with acrylic medium and palette knives. I use mostly basic colors and will mix them to give the perfect blend of colors for my subjects; I typically tend to blend to create reflection and define characteristics. For the finishing touch, I enjoy using the edge of the palette knife, which provides enhanced definition to the subject.  Large-scale canvases provide the best backdrop for larger-than-life creations. Pallet knives being my preferred tool of choice, I like to challenge myself to single strokes, with, of course, more than one paint color on the same palette. Different sized palettes are also used depending on the proportion of the subjects.


My paintings are an experience in abstract realism. I enjoy abstract realism because of the contradiction between the two...  We can see the art movement that is not easily defined because of binding of the two terms. My preferred subjects tend to be primarily people... women in dresses and men in suits. My audience would say that my work is abstract and elegant; they can see the movement, hear the music or feel the busy night life. I like to give them the infusion of the elements of design with the depiction of real life in visual arts. I enjoy working with music that I love to hear and will create my piece by imagery.


All my backgrounds have colors in the center median, with white at the top and bottom; this provides the required depth when I am creating the figures (people) as they are celebrating, dancing or mingling. I do it because I really like to look at the pieces... I imagine the conversations or the music playing; I feel the moment and get carried away in that point in time.

I have a passion for creating elegant people.  As the ladies especially would know, a big part of going out, celebrating, socializing, dancing, is the lead-up to it... anticipating, getting ready, getting excited... what to wear, hairstyle, makeup and accessories. Smooth & steady; in control of their potential, we see them as poised, graceful, sexy and self-controlled. That reflects on my life and that’s what makes it fun.  I am inspired by seeing beauty unfold, kind of like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. I am also motivated by vibrant colors; that’s when I create the ladies with the dresses. My wardrobe is also linked to vibrant and stimulating colors such as my nails, my hair color and my shoes.

Ginette Melanson, Artist