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Updated: Mar 27, 2022

How to pack for a Plein Air Painting Session


When the weather permits, pack a bag, a brush and watercolor paints. I was drawn by the ability to create live in plein air, so I did. I forgot to bring some water, Ha!! Watercolor paint needs H2O, so I was creative and used the snow, it melted in my little jar because it was sunny outside.

Ultimate Plein Air Excursion

Tip #1 - Travel Kit

I found my kit online, it's a small box that can store watercolor kit , brushes, easel and paper.

Tip #2 - Canvas

Decide what to paint, if it's landscape, keep it cropped to fit your paper. Be realistic about it and focus on the main subject, for me it was the river, then I added the surroundings.

"Good Ol Fresh Air"

Tip #3 - Try anything

I had one brush, dipped it in melting snow and mixed it with paint, the water would then crystalize and create this original snow flakes pattern.

Tip #4 - Catch the clouds

Try a different area and weather, sometimes the unexpected turns out to be a masterpiece.

Tip #5 - Finding some natural treasures

“Lastly, knowing just a little bit about weather, watercolor and plein air can go a long way in helping your outdoor live painting in reaching another level.”

Get Out There and Paint

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